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Developing a Balanced Lifestyle

A balanced lifestyle is not something that magically appears, but rather, it must be developed by each individual. Creating a balanced lifestyle is exciting and leads to a less hectic and calmer, more vibrant life.
Creating a balanced lifestyle requires analyzing different aspects of your life in an honest and open matter. Lying to yourself about your present life is not an option in building a balanced lifestyle.

The different parts of our life are:

  • physical environment
  • career
  • health
  • family
  • friends
  • personal growth
  • romance
  • fun and recreation
  • money

Physical environment refers to our country, the city or town we live and work in, and our home. Some environments are more conducive to a balanced lifestyle. Living in a war torn country forces individuals to emphasize their physical safety, without regard to other aspects of life. In the same way, living with an abusive spouse or partner, results not only in a risk to physical, sexual or emotional safety, but also of ignoring other aspects of life.

Career refers to the work we undertake each day, whether it be a stay at home wife or husband, an at-home business or working out of the home.

Health refers to our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Each is an important aspect of our life and needs careful attention and consideration.

The definition of family differs in society. Family refers to those individuals with whom we share an emotional and/or biological bond.

Friends are the people we choose to spend time with. It is important to have individual friends. However, if married or with a life partner, it is also important to have friends in common. Many of us in society have acquaintances but not true friends. True friends add an extra element into our life.

Personal Growth are those activities which help us develop as a person. Examples include courses we take for fun or for further education or books we read. These activities can expand cognitive, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives.

Romance can be a forgotten element with a two career family with children. Making time for our partner will enrich the lives of both individuals. Romance includes not only sex but also intimate time together. Each person should have things they do for fun and recreation. These are things we do that we really enjoy, not the things we do because others enjoy them or because it is popular at the time.

Money is an important aspect of life. Making the most of what we have, budgeting or making changes to our earning power are possibilities.

Look at each of these different parts and ask yourself:

Do I invest time and energy in each of these different aspects of my life?

Each of these aspects is important to our overall welfare. Ignoring one or more aspects will cause imbalance in our life.

It is also important that we each take responsibility for these different parts of our life. Placing blame on others for our imbalance is not acceptable.

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